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    L3webhosting.com is owned and managed by DotIn Solutions established in 2015.

    Our Company office is located at Nashik Maharastra, India.

    Our Support team is highly trained and professional technicians team, most of the staff having more than 10+ years of extensive experience and have completed their certifications which allow us to serve you the best and be a support pillar to your company’s growth.

    Our team is certified in: Redhat (RHCE), cPanel University (Level -I and II ), Microsoft (MCES – MCA), Cisco (CCNA)

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    L3webhosting.com is providing web hosting services to the various Educational/Academic & Research Institutes, Departments / Organisations.

    We have setup a huge web hosting infrastructure in different Data Centres which includes a large number of performance tuned, hi-end and secured servers.

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    Web Hosting services are offered on Linux & Windows Platforms and the servers are powered with CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Tomcat etc. Popular Databases like Mariadb, MSSQL, MySQL are also supported.

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    Our network is maintained and monitored 24/7 by a highly trained and experienced staff.

    Our network is 100% powered by Brocade routers, Juniper & Cisco switches. The network utilizes redundant edge and core routers to distribute network connectivity to our Juniper & Cisco 10G access switches to every rack . This redundant design allows for maximum resilience and reliability in a load balanced network with no points of failure.

  • Hardware and Network Reliability Open or Close

    All our underlying physical servers are equipped with latest Processors and RAM.

    L3webhosting guarantees a 99% uptime reliability which is ensured by their Uninterruptible Power Supply / Diesel Backup Generator and 24/7 monitoring by highly trained and experienced staff.

Our Expertise

Cloud Flare
Citrix Xen
R1Soft Backup
CentOS CentOS Serverss